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Success isn't a secret, it's a Mindset

Success isn't a secret, it's a Mindset

By: Andy Michelle Larson

Posted By Omar Cordero

All of us have dreams but only a few of us actually wake up everyday realizing that we make an effort to take us closer to where we want to be. Listen,  achieving greatness isn't easy, it is tough as hell. Take a read below and wake up from your fantasies and start realizing your dreams.

Wake Up

Wake up

When your goal is to achieve a paramount level of success in whatever aspect in your life, you must put in 100% of your focus. Not only do you acknowledge your dream of being great but you have to work hard for it.

This is the most important secret to success: Lock yourself onto your destination, throw away the keys and eliminate any possibility of not preventing you from getting there. Make your goal the core essence of your everyday existence. Fix your focus 100% onto your desired outcome and the process of achieving it.

The Formula for Achieving Greatness

Be determined and persistent.

A lot of people are afraid of making this kind of commitment. They don't fear failure so much as they're simply unwilling to sacrifice certain parts of their lives. This isn't a bad thing, and most people reading this probably don't have the kind of aspirations that demand heavy sacrifices. Truth is, people want the easy way out, people want shortcuts, and people want to be spoon fed. Change this mentality and success won’t be as far as you think.

The Formula for Achieving Greatness

For those few who do aspire to the highest level of sport, you need to understand that greatness does not come easy and may require you to bid at a high price. The price is the time and energy that you can't devote to the other aspects of your life. May it be that extra minute working on a set, that extra rep that gives you that perfect form, or extra drip of sweat from working your butt off.

For most people, going to the gym is like marching to a death sentence – this mindset has to stop! You have to understand that part of loving the result, also means loving the process it entails, no matter how painful, or hard it is. Love and respect the process and without a single doubt, you will achieve greatness.

Greatness comes with a price: you have to appreciate the fact that your aspired end result should start and continue with the right mindset no matter what the cost is. Falling down is part of the process of reaching the top.

Your Lame-Ass Excuses

Your Lame-Ass Excuses

The path to greatness does not welcome excuses – reasons on why you can't even make it to the gym. How you have crappy genetics, don't have time, your gym is too far, you get off work too late . Listen: you have to stop making excuses. If you really want it, you will find a way to own it!

Dreams aren’t meant to be dreamt if they can be easily achieved.

If you want to be successful, you will rearrange your priorities and put your focus where it belongs: on the one thing you want to obtain. Focus should be prioritized and results will naturally follow, then greatness will gradually take place.